The Living Words of Jesus: “It will come to you according to your Faith” are in every heart.


Jesus, Your wonderful Example is the gift of Grace for every soul and for all Creation. You are Life and Unity of the Father in our duality and You give us the Grace to be awakened so that we may know the Truth.

Enlightened by Your Living Words, we can come to know the Father Generator: thanks to Your Work we ask to be born again in the Unity of Love, together with our Father Creator.

Thank you Father Generator for having generated Life: the Life in us is Jesus.

When we love, it is You Jesus that loves; when we are loved, it is You that loves us, revealing the Father’s Love.

Thanks to You Jesus, we have become aware of the existence of the Father of Love.

We ask to be able to find all energy lost in thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that have led to separations and errors.

Thanks to You Jesus, our Father Creator, after being separated, re-entered in Communion with the Father Generator. We too ask to find again, in ourselves, the ‘Beginning’ of Light that will lead

us to Freedom to be means of Peace and Charity so that we may become one Body of Love, one with the Spirit and Soul.

Together with You Jesus, we will commit ourselves to collaborate with humility, harmony and Charity.

Every thought, every word that is given to us, those tools of Peace, becomes One with You to follow Your Living Example, to accept sacrifice and death, to die from error and to be reborn in new dimensions, enlightened by the Living Faith.

We thank you Jesus for the Love you give us, together with You we are a instruments for loving our neighbours as we love ourselves, for being resurrected in the Omnipresent Love of the Father Generator, with our Father Creator.

Mary, we give you thanks for having remained the Immaculate Cell, One with the Father Generator in the Father Creator. Mother Mary, You drew Jesus to yourself, for us, your children,

Jesus, the Generated Love, who has donated Living Life to all Creation: Christ, the Unity of Love.

The Generated Love has entered in the created Micro-Universe. Today the Love of Infinite Generated Universes invites the separated Micro-Universe to become One with the Generated Love.

Together with Jesus and Mary, deep in our hearts and with all those who live Love, we thank the Father Generator.

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