The Perfect Trinity

Father Christ the Generator




Thank you Immaculate Heart of Mary, You have given us the Light of the Savior


Oh Mary enlighten our hearts to meditate on this wonderful gift:


The Generated Heart of Jesus has revealed to us


The Omnipresence of the Father, Christ the Generator.


Let us invoke the Holy Spirit, asking for forgiveness for ourselves and to be able to forgive others, to cure illnesses and put an end to error. Together with every presence in us, let us ask the Light of Love and Strength to live in harmony and freedom and to accept in silence, in our hearts, certain forces of feelings, that require fasting, penitence and sufferance in order to collaborate with the Light of Charity and to donate bread, a job, a smile, a word of hope to those who reach out for help. 

Let us invoke the Will of the Holy Spirit and the Light of Charity for the brothers who suffer beyond measure because of grave injustices and for all those who are involved in them. Let us stay

United in their sufferings until Truth, Freedom and Harmony are revealed. 


The triumph of Life is in the certainty that Eternal Life and Happiness reign

In the Omnipresent Love of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Trine medicine for all our Creations, to be healed from error

In though, feeling and action.


In Communion, with the Perfect Actions of Jesus, a Living Example, 

Together with the Angels and with our brothers who live 

In the Light of Salvation,



and Perfection,

today and forever we give infinite thanks, committing ourselves to love each other as Jesus loves us and to meditate on His Words: “My Kingdom is not of this World”

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