Saturday 26th December 2015

From the New Testament: John 21 v.1 Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples

We give You infinite thanks, Christ Father.
Together with You, Jesus, we ask to be guided from this path of death towards the Path of Life.
Anyone of us perceives the vibrations the birth of Jesus spreads according to how hard we try to reach the Truth. The angels emanate a glorious and spiritual singing because the Generated Light managed to enter the depth of the lowest error: the created flesh. They sing: "Peace to the men of good will"; our own will got lost while struggling with evil forces and desires.
Jesus calls us all by name as He did with Peter when He told him: "You have been petrified but I am giving you the key to free yourself, leave your cage behind and go looking for the Truth". We need to abandon our previous way of thinking and manifest the Truth.
Our flesh represents the snake and temptations trick young people the most because the evil forces try to steal energy from where there is more . 
Jesus manifests Himself where there is more need and makes no difference between us all like He did by helping Judas as much as the other apostles.
Today we can say we are walking beside Jesus and if once there were parts within us that were not in communion with Him, now they are, because this is the Path we choose to follow.
Jesus is the end of error and Life which generates Life.
Jesus and Mary are our ideal spiritual parents. They can help us to rebirth in an everlasting Life of perfect Light.


Thank You Jesus, Light of Love.

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