Sunday 20th December 2015


From the New Testament: John 1, v. 19 John the Baptist’s Message

We give infinite thanks to You Christ Father Generator. You turned Yourself into son of God and son of man for the Salvation of our separations. You are waiting for our spirits to bring the son of God and of man in our hearts, one on the right and one on the left, in order for us to learn not to live with separations anymore. May the Holy Spirit bring this Announcement to all the hearts of the Spirits in the infinite creation and allow them to be in Communion, in this day, that opens for each being the possibility to pass from the created to the Generated.

Today every creature is given the project of their path: they have to live it and to transmit it to their inner forces step by step, to make them understand.

Mary met Elisabeth when they were both pregnant, and in this extraordinary meeting, the Generated Project of Salvation was manifested. John, still in the womb of his mother, accepted with all himself to collaborate with Jesus and to be only an instrument at His service. And about us, are we Jesus' instruments since we have received His work of Salvation? We should understand ourselves instead of criticizing others. We ought to flatten mountains of pride, fear and negativity.

As John said, we need to be guided by the Christ, by Its Light and Love, on the contrary the forces of evil will overcome us and make us miss the miracle of Grace. To commune with Jesus we need to bring illusion and falsity to death. The grain that does not die cannot rebirth. Sexual energy must die and give way to the Celestial energy.

At the end of Mary and Joseph's caravan there was a lamb with bloody paws. This lamb, example of humility that accepted to offer itself in sacrifice as an instrument of salvation at Jesus' service, represents the Spirit of John the Baptist.

Jesus takes the appearance of a young man and goes to the temple to talk to the priests: this is the line of man. In the line of Divinity He takes the appearance of a lamb.

John the Apostle received the grace to be the first man arrived at the beginning, after a long journey. John the Baptist took the first step of the Generated and walks the path of Perfection from the created to the Generated.

Thank You Jesus

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