Sunday 27th December 2015


From the New Testament: John 8, v. 21 You Cannot Go Where I Am Going


We give thanks to Christ Father in Jesus. We are here today because our desire is to overcome all the obstacles that prevent us from discovering our way out. It is necessary for our will to persevere until the end, and Jesus is waiting for us to be ready to receive the baptism of fire: every being has to commit himself to walk this path, breaking the charm we are under in order to say at the end : “Father, I took them all to You”.


Jesus never said that God was His father. He became son of God and son of Man, He came as a servant to talk about the Father without revealing His identity. The Milky Way is our mother, and the whole Universe is our father but Jesus said: “I am the Way”. Now we have to move on, we can't stay here, controlled by forces that have kept us frozen. We must act always asking for Jesus's counsel and guidance. Our Way is spiritual, not material.


A thought is a living spirit who gives itself to us and has his own blood. Life comes from blood and the thought is spiritual blood. The blood represents the fire that is needed to transform our illness.
Jesus exhorts us to go on, to operate with our heart and not with our mind, which comes from the flesh. These are our conditions as we are in the kingdom of Darkness; each one of us has a cross to bear but we have also Jesus with us and we can decide with our will to follow Him with all our heart.

We will always be persecuted on this plane. The forces of evil are not interested in the beings for themselves but they try to kill Jesus inside those who manifest His presence. Everyone can see what he has within and what he is . If a being perceives the Truth and tries to manifest It, the evil will try to kill that Truth.
Even if we have lost our faith we must look for other ways. Jesus invites us to be cautious but smart. If we really try to do something, although we have lost everything , we will find what we are looking for. Whoever seeks, will find.
Thank You, Jesus.


Final Blessing

We give thanks to You, Jesus and to the Spirit of the Year 2015 that is about to end , for all it has given to us, for what we were not ready to receive and that will be given to us next year.
Thanks to Jesus Who is present in every atom.


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