“Teacher, we have seen someone cast out devils in your name and we forbade him from doing so, because he is not one of us.”

Jesus, to the observation of his disciples, answers: “Do not prohibit him from doing so, because nobody can operate a miracle in My Name and soon after talk ill about me.”

Thanks, Generated Light. You give light to that “light point” that today manifests itself in an infinite number of rays of light in the hearts of those seeking the Truth, at the time of the second coming of Jesus in Spirit and Truth.

A thought of light asks: “Who is this individual who casts out devils in the name of the Word Jesus without having known Jesus and his disciples in person”?”

“Heaven and Earth will pass, but my words will live eternally. They will not pass,” Jesus says.

In the words of Jesus, the Word made Flesh, the past and the future live, in unity of Spirit, in the Living Present, in the infinite creation.

This individual, not otherwise characterized by the disciples, who casts out devils in the name of Jesus, without having known Jesus in person, is the symbol of all those who work together for the Truth in Christ, of the second coming of Jesus in Spirit and Truth.

The cooperators of the Truth, in the second coming of Jesus, know the Savior in Spirit, in the Word, in the word and the beat of the Spiritual Heart.

The disciples of the first coming of Jesus are determined to prohibit that this soul of light be able to operate in the name of Jesus, because they are not prepared and conscious of the “new spiritual dimension” of the second coming of Jesus, in Spirit and Truth.

The Savior Jesus invited the disciples not to be scandalized by the “new” that is advancing, in seeing this brother who is acting in the name of Jesus, in casting out devils, because the new dimension, in Spirit and Truth, was already present in Jesus and was beginning his advance according to the project of salvation of the Generator Father, valid for all times.

“The person who is not against us is with us,” Jesus says.

Jesus Savior invites all the disciples, the seekers and the cooperators of the Truth to the Unity of Spirit, both in the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Today, in the time of the spirit, we notice the rise in every corner of the world and of the infinite creation, seekers and cooperators of the Truth, children of the Light.

At the dawn of the third day, the stone of ignorance, of the lack of knowledge and of separation which kept the Truth buried and hidden in the hearts, from eternity to eternity, has been removed, thanks to the Gift of the sacrifice of the Christic Energy: sacrifice valid for all times, thanks to the Resurrection of the Christ Jesus.

Today every creature living in the infinite creation who seeks Truth with purity of Hart can encounter the Spirit and the Light of Truth.

The “wind” of Light of the Holy Spirit, through Grace, is blowing from the four corners of the earth and from the infinite creation and is awakening the spirits and the souls to prepare them for the great crossing from the created kingdoms to the Generated Kingdoms.

When Jesus asks the disciples: “Who do you say I am,” Peter says: “You are the Christ of God, the Son of the Living God.” At that point Jesus answers: “Peter, upon this rock I will build My Church.”

The stone is the “Word of Revelation” in the present, received through the breathing of the Holy Spirit. Jesus builds his church, in Spirit and truth, in the Spirit of the Revelation.

A voice that rises from a pure sentiment asks: “And what does the “Church” of Jesus represent?” The church is the summation and the unity of all hearts seeking the truth. They are untied and free from the constrictions of traditions, of religions, of prejudices and of mental conditioning. The members of the church allow themselves to be led by the Light of the Holy Spirit, in the Light of Togetherness, according to the project of salvation of the Father Generator.

The Light of the Holy Spirit is perfect Light, separated from every interest and link, free from personal ambitions; and it gives itself to pure and sincere hearts, in the Light of Freedom.

The Work of the Father Generator is sprouting all over the earth and in the infinite creation as well: the time of religions, of traditions, of ceremonials, of celebrations and repetitive rituals is about to come to an end. All these folklore aspects have become poorer and poorer spiritually because of the separation, becoming thieves and predators of sincere souls.

The light of Truth is rising from the stones. And what do stones represent?

The stones are souls rejected by the spirit of the world, after having been robbed of their spiritual energy and, accordingly, have been transformed into stones without value and without authority. These souls are insignificant for the spirit of the world.

The Holy Spirit, through Grace, takes care of the rejected stones, because they are poor in spirit and therefore are free from the barriers and mental conditioning, freedom which makes them instruments and cooperators of the Truth.

Today, the Christic Spirit invites to Unity all seekers and cooperators of Truth and all the children of Light scattered throughout the infinite creation, in the Universal Work of Salvation. “Be One, like the Father and I are One.”

In the Cosmic Unity of all seekers of the infinite creation the transforming energy of the Holy Spirit is at work and effectively so, so that the chalice of suffering that the infinite creation is called to drink for having separated itself from the Heart of the Beginning in God becomes less bitter.

The Holy Spirit invites the cooperators, the angelic armies and the seekers of Truth to be “One” to form an only chalice in Christ, in the communion of the Whole. The soul called “an individual” who two thousand years ago acted in the name of Jesus in casting out devils, in operating through the spirit of the Word in Jesus, was forecasting the new dimension in Spirit and Truth of the Universal Work of Salvation of Christ the Father, in Jesus.

The souls who give themselves totally to the search of the Truth are those who offer all their energies to live and remain in the Grace in every moment, both during the day and at night. They are ready and willing – day in and day out – to give up their mortal life to be born again in the true Immortal Life, in the Spirit of Truth.

The souls of those born to new life commit themselves - day in and day out – with the help of Grace, to leave father, mother, brothers, sisters, husband, wife and children in order to know, to love and to serve the Truth in Christ the Father, in Unity of Spirit.

These souls reborn in the Light who give up their lives, committing their every breath to the search of the True Life, become cooperators and instruments of the Truth and children of the Light ready to make the transition from the created to the Generated, following the Example of Transformation brought by Jesus the Savior.

The created beings who search the Truth to derive energy and power from the Truth itself but do not engage in a work of inner transformation of their being, without noticing it, are incessantly robbed from the spirit of separation of darkness and their spiritual temple remain dark and empty, whereas the word dissipates itself in lamentation.

These individuals look for the benefits of the spiritual search but at the same time they dissipate the energy of light in created loves, in love affairs and in the delusionary interests of the spirit of this world.

These created beings that are not willing to give up entirely their mortal life at some point are stopped as by Grace: the spirit of darkness robs them of their last spiritual energy of light and, in sequence, such spirit takes away the soul itself carrying it into the tombs, in the nests and caves of division.

Those who seek the Truth but do not act according to the Light of Truth and consequently do not transform their life in Light of Life derive energy from the True Life but only in order to remain trapped in created loves. These individuals progressively walk away from the spiritual search and are eaten by the great monsters of the powers of darkness; which are hungry for flesh and blood of separation, in constant turmoil and never ending deaths.

Jesus Savior invites us to be vigilant day and night, until the very end, and to be sincere, honest and pure of heart in the path of spiritual transformation, because only the person who offers himself entirely receives the “all” of True Life in the Spirit of Light.

The Holy Spirit invites all those who walk away from the true Bread of Life of the spiritual search in the truth not to spurn the Bread of life they have eaten in communion with other souls of light, so that the sufferings they cause to themselves on account of their constant separations might not be multiplied.

Jesus talks very clearly: “Woe to the person who puts his hand to the plow of Light and then turns around to dissipate spiritual energies. It would be better for this man if he had never been born to new Life.”

The children of men, deceived by the spirit of darkness, have created a God in their image and likeness and in addition they have created in every age so many different Jesus according to their interests, and to their “material creeds” and to their needs of the flesh and the spirit.

The Spirit of Jesus the Savior admonishes: “It will so happen that false prophets and false Christ will present themselves and they will say – here he is or there he is. Do not follow them, because the Kingdom of God is within you.”

A thought of light asks: “Who are the false christs and the false prophets?”

The false prophets state that they are at the service of a superior spirit. They generate fear, they predict catastrophic events; they announce punishments for those who do not follow them. These individuals place their personal ego in the first place not the Spirit of Light and of the Liberating Truth.

The false prophets worship and serve only a section of the created light, on account of their interests. They have power and authority over the souls, and do not see, do not feel and do not perceive the light that comes from the Kingdom of the Generated Love.

The false christ proclaim themselves saviors and talk about salvation and inner peace. But they do not go through the transformation of the holy cross. They do not engage in the great crossing from the created to the Generated Love because they do not know him and do not want to know him. The false christs hide the Truth and act out of a personal and material interest. By behaving in such a way, they do not enter – themselves and those who follow them – in the Light of Truth. These false christs place heavy burdens on the shoulders of the created beings and imprison them in the great fear and in the mental cages to make these individuals submissive to them

Jesus admonishes: “False prophets and false christs will appear and they will perform astonishing signs and great miracles in order to seduce, if possible, even those who have already been elected.”

The Living Christ, in Jesus, has given and gives all His Blood Generated for the salvation of the entire creation and he thinks, talks and acts always in communion with the Father: the Generating Love, the Origin in Spirit of every living cell.

The true seekers and cooperators in the Light work with total dedication; they act in the present, in the service of the Spirit of Light, without self seeking interest.

The neutrality, the impartiality and the annihilation of the created being, detached from the spirit of the world, are the basic virtues needed and they constitute the open door to allow the transformation by the Holy Spirit.

When the “wind” of the Holy Spirit manifests himself we do not know where it comes from or where it goes and nobody can interfere with the action of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not keep anything for himself but manifests and gives all itself to the souls who live and act in the Spirit of Togetherness

In past times, some individuals with a personal call from a voice of interior Light placed themselves at the total service of the Light of Christ the Savior. They noticed the appearance in several parts of their bodies of the signs of the wounds of Jesus.

Now, with the second coming of Jesus in Spirit and Truth, these wounds and signs of spilled blood are about to come to the end of their usefulness.

Today the Word, in the Father and the Son, has come back to Life and has removed the great stone of the separation and of the fear. In this way he can manifest himself without intermediaries, through the Holy Spirit, in the created beings of good will who are the instruments of the very Holy Spirit, not because of any merit of their own, but because of the divine grace and charity.

Today, at the dawn of the third day, the Word is taken down from the cross because of the new conscience given by the Christ to all those who seek and cooperate with the Truth and live in the infinite creation. Jesus announces: “Take this. This is My Body and this is My Blood come down from heaven, offered as Bread of Life and as spiritual nourishment for all souls who wish to leave behind forever the old hunger and the old thirst of creation.”

Today the scars and wounds of the Body of Christ the Savior - included the crown of thorns - show up in the spirit and the soul of every created being who is willing to renounce his mortal life to enter into the True Immortal Life, in Christ the Father.

With the coming into the creation of Jesus the Savior and the gift of all his precious Generated Blood, the souls who embrace the path of Salvation are subjected to spiritual persecutions by the powers of darkness through the crown of thorns which is made up of all traditions, repetitive rituals, the nails stuck to the mind and of the mental walls erected by the interests of the flesh.

Today these mental thorns fulfill the task of blocking at the very start the souls that are on their way toward the light of spiritual freedom, of freedom from the slavery of the mind and from the illusions of the flesh, which keep the souls imprisoned in sin, in the lack of consciousness and in ignorance. “Because of ignorance, my people walk toward perdition,” Jesus says.

Today the powers of darkness are weaving a new crown of thorns to prevent the spiritual evolution of mankind: the crown of thorns of the “I do not believe” and of “I believe” that everything takes place by chance. In this way, the created beings are involved in a new religion of “I do not believe” and “everything happens by chance.”

The created beings have lost from time immemorial the true contact with God. They state that God is dead and they believe that everything happens by chance. By chance the world came into existence, by chance the sun, the stars and the plants came into being. By chance man and all other creatures appeared on the face of the earth, as well as the flowers, the animals, the mountains and the stones. By chance we are born, by chance we suffer, and by chance we die. The reason for all these things remains a mystery.

This belief that everything happens by chance and that God does not exist any longer is a true and proper religion that is spreading like poison, putting to sleep the entire creation, the incarnate and the disincarnate one.

At the time of sophisticated and deceptive technology, the created beings have forgotten that basically they come from the Spirit and that they are mostly spiritual beings who need to get back to being spiritual entities. Created beings believe that in this materialized world all is matter; that we live exclusively for material things, that after the present life there is nothing, the great fear and that everything finishes with death.

The religion that maintains that everything happens by chance and that there is no God and no Spirit hides a great danger both for incarnate and disincarnate souls.

In a life that follows this religion, there is no respect for the Divine, neither for the Spirit, or for oneself and our neighbour. Everything is possible. Everything can be done. There are no moral rules, there are no boundaries for moral behavior and for the experiments we perform on our neighbours. There are no rules in sexual behaviour. This is the great hunger and great thirst of the third millennium.

Everything is based on the possession of material things and on external appearances, because on the basis of external appearances one achieves titles and recognition from the deceiving spirit of this world. In addition those who do not believe in God and in the Spirit and live in darkness persecute with every means at their disposal – believing that in doing so they perform something useful for their religion – the souls that seek, live and cooperate with the light of the Holy Spirit in Truth.

Those who believe in the eternal life in Spirit and in the Spirit of transformation into Angels of Light are emarginated from society, opposed in their work environment and overlooked, because they do not support the deceiving spirit of the world - separated and divided - and accordingly they are isolated, made redundant and overlooked. This is the new crown of thorns that the powers of darkness are weaving for the infinite creation.

The Holy Spirit, with the help of Grace, invites all human creatures to wake up, so that the spirit of darkness might repent so that it will not deceive, obscure and put to sleep the souls with this deceiving spirit.

The spirit of Light assigns to the created being that lives and perseveres in the grace of God two tasks to perform: the individual task and the task of the Whole.

The two tasks of Light walk and dialogue together, in unity of spirit, helping each other incessantly, supporting each other as well in a new and shared love of light.

Jesus says: “My food is to do the Will of the One who sent me and to carry his Work to completion.”

The individual task has to do with the transformation of all the cells of the body, of the Soul and of the Spirit into Angels of Light, to the effect of entering into the body of spiritual transformation: the new body light of Jesus.

The task of the Whole is like a small seed, like a grain of wheat which is donated to the created being by the Spirit of Truth. This task, with the growth and increase in the soil of living faith, goes to the benefit of the infinite body of the Father Whole.

The task of the Whole, in Jesus Truth, adapts itself to the time in which the created beings live, to the place and moment in which they are, to the needs and spiritual requests of the souls.

Everyone has a task in the spiritual vineyard of the truth. Every task is unique and original, and live with the support of the other spiritual tasks.

Every task that brings forth fruits of light goes for the spiritual benefit of the body of light of the Whole.

The Spirit of Jesus talks with much clarity: “He who intends to enter and be a participant of the infinite light of the Whole must make himself small and must place himself in the position to serve in the spirit of Truth.”

The more the task rises in importance in the Light of Life, the more there is a need for a variety of small tasks that will support the higher task for the sole and indivisible final result.

To all those who bring forth the task of light something occurs similar to what happens when a lamp of light is lit in the middle of darkness: a multitude of powers of darkness attack the lamp, trying to bock at the very start the True Light, lit in the darkness.

When a soul gives all of itself to promote the light of the Whole this soul is constantly attacked day and night, without mercy, by the powers of darkness.

The more the task becomes a gift and a light for the whole, the more it needs the support of the other tasks and of the energy of the whole which are in constant movement. The human being must make itself small, transparent, invisible, to go through the crown of thorns, prepared to this effect by the powers of darkness so that the Light of Truth can not be made manifest to the infinite creation.

The task of the Whole is strictly linked to the individual task: the more a created being transforms itself and allow itself to be shaped by the Light of Life, the more the task of the Whole brings forth fruits of light for itself, and for the other tasks of light and for the infinite creation. When the task of the Whole becomes a cosmic gift, the human being brings about the extinction of the personal ego and he becomes small in order to enter in the large and infinite identity of the body light of the Whole Father.

Jesus says: “All that belongs to the Father belongs to me and all that belongs to me I give it to you.” The concept of “mine” must be annihilated to enter into the “gift of the Love of the Whole.” The Unity of Spirit of all the seekers and spiritual cooperators, in the light of the Truth, builds a great energy of Light similar to a “column of fire” that rises from earth to heaven, lifting to the sky all those who come in contact with it.

Thanks Spirit of the Whole. You constantly invite and call to the Unity of the Father Christ all the incarnate and disincarnate beings of the infinite creation who seek the Truth and who are determined to leave forever the kingdom of constant separations and incessant deaths. Today, the fundamental stone rejected by the builders of the spirit of the world is made up of all the entities of good will of the infinite creation, incarnate and disincarnate, who seek the Truth not in religions, not in traditions, not in celebrations, but in the new dimension, in Spirit and Truth, and in the new Spirit of revelation of Truth in the Holy Spirit.

The Revelation is new light that emanates from the Holy Spirit and rests on three fundamental pillars of Light of the true life of the transformation of the being that are: impartiality, neutrality and annihilation of the personal ego; that is the commitment not to be seduced by the deceiving spirit of the builders of this world.

The “stones” are human beings deprived of the spirit of this deceptive world, they do not have either special titles or authority, but they are able to become instruments of the new Guide Light: the Holy Spirit. The revelation of the new Spirit Guide of Light and transformation – the Holy Spirit donated by Jesus after ascending to heaven to reenter into the bosom of the Father - is the new Light for the infinite creation of every origin and extraction, for our time and every time.

Today, at the dawn of the third millennium, the spiritual seekers who seek the Truth in the new Spirit of Light of the Revelation are called by the Light and the love of the Whole and of the spiritual passage of transformation to do this:

To enter into the spirit of spiritual search ad spiritual rebirth, free from the spirit of traditions, and of religions and free from the interests and the powers of this world;

To enter into the spirit of revelation of the stone which represents all the souls poor in spirit, without titles and authority, but authentic instruments of the Holy Spirit;

To enter into the Unity of Spirit of the stone of the living faith in Jesus, to form the one Mystical Body of Christ, in the Love and Communion of the Whole.

God, one in three persons, is incessantly at work and sends his Angels to be co- partner in this hour when the second coming of Christ is about to take place, second coming in Spirit and Truth. He is gathering together in one body Light the seekers and cooperators of Truth and all the armies of angels from the four corners of the Infinite creation.

The Souls of Light who seek the Truth in the new garment of light of the Spirit of revelation, represented by the Holy Spirit to abandon forever divisions, separations and the slavery of sin are called to the Unity of the Spirit and to brotherhood, to become children of the one Father, and of the Whole of Love.

“Many are called but few are elected.” The elected are those who soar alone like eagles in the light of transformation, setting themselves free from the ties of falsehood and from the seduction of the world in order to enter into the Spirit of the Whole and of Unity, with the cooperators of the Light of Truth. The individual who casts out the devil in the name of Jesus, given the fact they he has known Jesus the Savior in Spirit, during the three years of public life, represents all the cooperators of Light of the second coming of Jesus, in Spirit and Truth.

Jesus the Savior was condemned and put to death by the magistrates and the priests of the temple, not for his first coming in his physical body but for his second coming in Spirit ad Truth. To the high priest who asked him: “I beseech you for the living God, tell us whether you are the Christ, the son of God.”

Jesus answered: “You have said it. And I tell you that from now on you will contemplate the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Almighty coming with the clouds of heaven.”

Today the powers of darkness weave a multitude of crown of thorns and spiritual persecutions. But notwithstanding all this, they are not able to stop the “wind of the Beginning” that the Holy Spirit is blowing from the four corners of the infinite creation

The Omnipresent Spirit of Jesus Liberator gives all of himself to those who offer their lives for the Work of Universal Salvation in Christ Father.

To those who commit their lives to know, love and serve the Truth, the Spirit donates the Light of the Son Jesus and the Light of the Father Generator.

The Light of the Son is the energy of the grain of wheat; the Light of the Father is the energy of the whole made up of all the grains of wheat, from the created to the Generated.

The Holy Spirit, in Jesus, invites to the spiritual communion all the cooperators of the Truth of the infinite creation, offering these words:

“Be one like the Father and I are One. Let jealousy, envy and division never be among you. Be brothers and love each other, as I have loved you. From this love the children of creation will know that you are the adopted sons of the Christ.

Let each one of you find the point of light vibrating within you, and let each one begin to make it grow in Jesus, within the self.

When a soul is filled with a small ray of the Light and the Love of Jesus, that soul feels completed and gratified in itself because it has everything it needs.

The summation of all the tasks of Light of the cooperators and seekers of the Truth of the infinite creation makes up the infinite Body of Christ of the Whole, which acts continuously in the Light of transformation, in the eternal movement of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit announces that in creation the manifestation of new visions and new horizons is already on its way. Jesus invites to grow in the faith so that we are not scandalized by the arrival of the “new” that advances and we need to be prepared to be participants in the project of the Spirit of Truth, in which there are no barriers and mental restrictions.

To the minds of the perfectionists who accuse him of lack of respect for traditions and usages, Jesus answers: “It is not what comes out of the body that stains, but what exits from the body stains the soul.”

Thanks, Light of the Holy Spirit. Help us feel that we are all brothers with one voice and one heart in Jesus, in communion with the Spirit of the Father Whole.

Thanks Light Guide of the Holy Spirit purifier and sanctifier. Please enlighten us so that we might perceive and feel the spiritual beat of the infinite heart of Jesus.

Thanks Spirit of Generated Light. Help the seekers and cooperators of the Truth to become, in simplicity, one in the Light and the Love of the Whole.

Thank You Father, thank you Son, and thank you Holy Spirit, present in the breath of wind of the beginning that talks to all the heart filled of good will, reborn to new Light.


“Teacher, we have seen an individual cast out devils in your name and we prohibited him from doing so, because he is not one of ours.”

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