Ascension of Jesus

Ascension of Jesus

Ascension of Jesus

Jesus reminds us: I will remain with you until the transformation of all sins, of all times.
Who was it then, who ascended to Heaven, if Jesus remained with us?
It was Christ who ascended to Heaven.

Jesus entered our Hearts through closed doors, but part of our energies did not accept him and left, forming a mental realm, in continuous war.

It is important that we become aware of our situation and that we realise that every creature has its own cross and can take two directions: either struggling between continuous birth and death or committing to ascend from the created to the Generated.
Everything which does not rise, remains in death.

The creature who starts to open the eyes of the Heart and to perceive the Truth, understands that everything he does to his neighbour he does to himself; thus he sees in himself the friends of Life and the enemies of Life. Every creature will be able to know within himself both the Father Creator and his entire project, and the part that did not endorse the separation from the Generated Love; that part is the Grace Mary.

The creature who focusses only on his own personal problems and follows illusory instincts, children of his own genealogy, will see the goal of Salvation becoming more and more distant.

Jesus spent forty days in the desert to neutralize the forces of hunger. Fasting is in fact an excellent spiritual medicine for the Soul and the Body, especially for our children thoughts, feelings, desires and actions.

Thank you Christ Jesus.
Unity of Love with the Father of all the Fathers.