Hail Mary, source of Grace

Hail Mary, source of Grace

Hail Mary, source of Grace

Blessed the Soul that seeks in itself every resource and every possibility to do everything Jesus has taught.

To enter into Communion with the Spirit and the Teachings of Jesus it is necessary to discover both the Divine Beginning and the separate beginning.

Jesus made himself Son of God to end the separate creation of God and He made himself Son of Man to enlighten the mortal life of humanity that lives in the flesh.

Jesus has lived His Life in our mortal life and has offered us His Spiritual Blood, to give us the possibility of being Born again in the Life of Truth.

The Way to follow is to Live the Words inspired by Jesus: “Seek the Truth and Live it. Let all the opposing forces that enter into you evaporate into the Light of True Love”.

The Generated Love has given a Grace for every need that lives in the creatures.

Thank You Jesus for the Infinite Gift of Your Love