He who loses his own mortal life will find Eternal Immortal Life

He who loses his own mortal life will find Eternal Immortal Life

He who loses his own mortal life will find Eternal Immortal Life

The Saviour said:  “My Kingdom is not of this world” and added: “It is for your good that I am going away, there , where I am going, at this time you cannot come.

Jesus spoke in this way because every creature was still too wrapped up in the separation that had become a den for illusive and deceptive forces. The hearts of great Wise Men prompt their own forces, tied to this world to free themselves from this prison and to rise in order to fly there where Jesus-Love has prepared a place for all the hearts of Good Will. Jesus urges us to love one another with the Love of the Father: The Father-Love is Christ. Love consists of infinite rays: loving is working, praying in silence and freeing the Saviour Who became a slave to our forces. Love is the Ocean without a beginning or an end, it is the Life of Life, Love is the Life of death. Loving is transforming one’s weaknesses to strength, one’s illness to health, and always wanting to seek the Truth to transform each and every falseness. Every word manifested in Truth is an Angel of Light that flies into the Kingdom of Love. Faith in Truth moves mountains of obstacles and diseases, faith opens all the closed doors and in it there is Immortal Life.

Thank you Christ the Father, thank you Christ in Jesus You, in us became the Son-Saviour.

Thank you Christ Holy Spirit, You became the Spirit of Life by entering our darkness and our matter to transform us into Spiritual Creatures. As Jesus, you accepted the unfair death sentence, you accepted the torture, the whipping, the crown of thorns and defeat.  You fell three times under the weight of the unjust cross and three times you rose for our Salvation, giving us the possibility to rise again with the strength of body, Soul and Spirit. You never asked for justice for all those who tortured you, neither for he who stabbed you in the Heart with a spear, nor for those who pierced you with other spears that are falsehoods and betrayals, nor for he who betrayed you even if he had eaten with you and witnessed healings and miracles in order to be illuminated and to know the Truth. Somthe moste of these disciples, after having been illuminated and knowing the Truth, chose to follow the forces of falseness and at the call of the Triumph of Life preferred to continue experimenting new feelings, in order to follow their instincts and the experiences of tradition. The Man of Truth is refused, betrayed and condemned; the forces of this world exclaim: “We don’t know Him and we don’t want to know Him!” Jesus reminds us that all creatures will reap what they have sown and repeats the proclamation: “Who doesn’t leave father, mother, brothers, husband, wife and children will not be able to follow me”. Who loses his own life will find Real Life; Immortal Life, the Life of True Love. No one is a father because only One is the Father, no one is a son, brother, husband or wife, only the Truth is everything in everyone. Falsehood is the opposite of all, but it can be transformed into Truth of Love, thanks to the

The Most Precious Blood of Christ the Father

that gives Himself to the created blood that followed the separation. With the Heart, Soul and Spirit we thank the Saviour Jesus and ask that the created blood be regenerated in

The Most Precious Generated Blood in Christ Father.

Scorzè 1st July 2007.