The Great Pentecost

The Great Pentecost

The Great Pentecost

The Soul of our mother creation has infinite children called universes, and they are all in trouble because they are not perfect.

When Jesus left the infinite universes He brought all our Spirits, enlightened by the All-powerful Cry of Truth, into His Love.

Fifty days have passed since the Resurrection of Jesus and today He renews a Most Powerful Invitation to us: to convey, in Simplicity, Words of Truth.

The Great Pentecost represents the final exam, and It carries with It the Wealth of the Gifts we received in the month of May from the Grace Mother Mary.

Only by Living in Communion with the Way of Truth it is possible to use all the Energies of the Graces received.

The Energy of the Grace is not a fuel that can be used for other ways.

This is why Jesus urges us to meditate on the seventy-two disciples.
He invited them to follow Him on the Way of the Collaborating Love, but the strong winds of opposition that persecuted them made them deviate from the straight Way. In fact each of them believed himself to be more enlightened than the others; and to this day they all continue to think they are, thus staying far removed from the Way that leads to the House of the Father.

Thank You Spirit of Mother Mary.