The Two Disciples of Emmaus

The Two Disciples of Emmaus

The Two Disciples of Emmaus

The Savior says: “Where two or more are united in my name, there I am.”

The Spirit of Light invites all the Spirits – from the Infinite Creation – to seek the truth by listening, in silence, in dialogue, in challenge and mutual respect.

When two human beings walk together, meditating and talking about Jesus, in Unity of Spirit, Jesus the Truth shows himself. He also makes himself present with the Fire of Love in the heart. It is by walking that we grow, it is in seeking that we find; it is in knowledge that we love in Liberty.

Thanks Spirit of Light and Love. Today the two Emmaus disciples have come back at the beginning of the Third Millennium and they are walking with, and talking to, Jesus, in his Second Coming in Spirit and Truth.

The two disciples of Emmaus who are walking together on the way to Emmaus talk about Jesus the Savior who, in Jerusalem, has been betrayed, flogged, sentenced to death and crucified by the high priests and magistrates.

They relate how some women had gone to the tomb but did not find the body of Jesus and witnessed a vision of angels who announced that Jesus had come back from the dead. As they are talking about these events, Jesus himself gets near, and begins to talk with them. But the two disciples do not recognize him. Jesus tells them: “You fool hearted and slow to understand all the things that the prophets have predicted. Was it not written that Christ had to suffer all these things and only thus enter into His glory?”

Once they get to Jerusalem, the two disciples tell Jesus: “Stay with us as it is getting late and the day is almost over.” Jesus remains with them and, when they are at the table, the Savior takes the bread, blesses it, breaks it and offers it to the two disciples.

At that very moment the eyes of the two disciples open up and they recognize that their Guest is Jesus, who at that very moment disappears from their sight. At that moment they ask one another: “Wasn’t our heart burning inside us, as on the way, he was talking and explaining the Scriptures to us?” Immediately the two disciples got up and returned to Jerusalem, where the eleven are congregated and the others with them and they announce that Jesus has truly risen and how they recognized him in “the breaking of the bread.”

The heart asks: “Whom do the two disciples of Emmaus represent and what does the village of Emmaus represent?” The two disciples of Emmaus represent the Spirit of the body and the Spirit of the Soul, who, by walking together, in the Unity of the Spirit, meet the Spirit of the Spirit. The Spirit of the body represent the superior part of the body which incessantly works for the Purity and the Unity of the Spiritual Body and accordingly of the physical body. The Spirit of the Soul represents the superior part of the Soul and he works day and night for the Spiritual Health and the Salvation of the Soul.

When the Spirit of the body and the Spirit of the Soul are united in order to seek the True Spiritual Health, they meet the Spirit of the Spirit. The Spirit of the Spirit is the Primordial Spirit of every being: it is the Spirit of the Beginning. The body, the Soul and the Spirit begin to merge thus, in Unity, in the Light of the Truth of the Beginning.

The two disciples of Emmaus represent the Spirit of the mind and the Spirit of the Heart who, by cooperating, together, they meet the Spirit of the “Inner Path.” The mind, the daughter of the mother flesh, has detached itself from the Father Heart and decided to go on its own: she, instead of manifesting the truth, has entered into the “lying” mode and she lies incessantly to herself and to others. The superior Spirit of the mind is the Good Intellect who never detached itself from the Father Heart and manifests the Light of the Mother Truth. The superior Spirit of the Heart shows the individual Conscience of every creature, which is incessantly obscured by the shadow of impure sentiments, deprived of Light of the heart created and divided within.

When the superior Spirit of the mind and the superior Spirit of the Heart cooperate and walk together in search of the Truth they encounter the Spirit of the Generated Spark that dwells in the intimacy of every heart.

The Generated Spark manifests the new individual Christ like Conscience and brings to Light the Spiritual Memory of our true identity and origin, which has been buried under the heavy stone of “non spiritual presence”, by the spirit of cancellation. The two disciples of Emmaus represent the individual Spirit and the group Spirit who, who by walking together encounter the Unifying Spirit of the Togetherness.

The individual Spirit represents the solitary Spirit. In fact it is written: “They will get up as solitaire.” The Spirit of the solitaire thinks and acts according to the “interior sentiment”, operating in the heart which does not allow outside influences o allow itself to be conditioned by external conditioning.

The Spirit of the group is the summation of all the thoughts and sentiments that are sustained by a group of individuals. This Spirit carries within itself great energy, when it sustains thoughts and sentiments of Light. However, when energies of doubt and fear come into play, then the group blocks itself and remains paralyzed.

Magdalene who represents the Spirit of the solitaire has no fear and goes to the tomb looking for Jesus, whereas the Apostles who represent the Spirit of the group remain stuck and paralyzed for fear of the Jews.

At this point the two disciples of Emmaus come to the forefront: when the individual Spirit works together with the Spirit of the Group, the meeting with the Spirit of Togetherness occurs. The Spirit of Togetherness is the fusion between the individual conscience of one individual and the cooperation of the group.

Jesus says: “I and the Father are One.” This is the Spirit of Togetherness: the Communion between the individual conscience and the Spirit of the group, in the unity of the Togetherness Jesus. This is what the village of Emmaus represents.

Jerusalem represents the Spiritual dimension of the first coming of Jesus. Emmaus represents the new spiritual dimension of the second coming of the Savior. In fact the disciples of Emmaus, by walking with, and talking to Jesus feel the Presence of the Word Jesus in their heart: they feel a Fire of Love burning in their hearts, something they had never experienced before.

In his Second Coming, Jesus does not manifest himself and let himself be seen in the temple, made up of beautiful stones. He lets himself be known directly in the hearts of individuals reborn to new life.

Jerusalem has crucified Jesus. Emmaus is the new dimension of the Spiritual Heart that has accepted Jesus in his second coming, in Spirit and Truth.

The Love of the Word Jesus is an unmistakable Fire that leaves a person breathless and that the human heart had not experienced since the beginning with the separation from the Origin. The Fire of the Love of Jesus burns in our hearts and keeps us company, day and night, in our loneliness. Jesus, when he breaks the bread, disappears from the eyes of the two disciples of Emmaus, because in his second coming, in Spirit and Truth, it is necessary to look for the Word Jesus in the Spiritual Heart and in our neighbours.

The two disciples of Emmaus recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread. The Heart asks: “What happened at that very moment?” The Light illuminates the hearts and reveals the Truth.

Jesus, during the last Supper, took some bread, blessed it, broke it, and offered it to his disciples and said: “Take it and eat it. This is my body offered in sacrifice for you.”The Spirit of the Bread represents the Unity of the Body, the Soul and the Spirit of Jesus the Savior.

Jesus is the Unity of Love with the Father, who became Flesh and Blood in the separation, to bring the whole of Creation – once separated – to the primordial Unity of the Beginning. But how can Jesus break if he is the Unity? Jesus has become a true Man and a true God in the Unity of Love. No created being, neither on earth or in heaven or under the earth, can crucify the True Man and the True God Jesus. Whoever nails Jesus to the cross destroys and nullifies himself, together with the whole of creation.

The Savior, before climbing to the Golgotha, breaks: the True Man detaches himself from the True God. The Son of Man Jesus, to the effect of being crucified in the separation, detaches himself from the Son of God: in in this way, to the man divided and separated in himself, is granted the possibility of crucifying the True Man, without the whole of creation collapsing entirely.

When the soldiers go to capture Jesus in the garden of Olives with swords and clubs, the Savior asks. “Who are you looking for?” and they answer: “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Jesus answers: “It is I,” and immediately all fall reverse, to the ground. Nobody neither on Earth, nor in Heaven or under the earth, can capture the I Am.

Jesus then says: “If you are looking for me, let these people go.” The man created and divided within himself for the Mercy of God can crucify only the “Me” of Jesus not the “I Am.”

When during the Last Supper, Jesus breaks the bread, He enter into the first cross: the True Man separates himself from the True God.

When Jesus is crucified, he faces the second cross: the man crucifies the true Man.

When Jesus says: “My God my God why have you forsaken Me?” the savior faces the third cross.

The true God, in Mary, remains at the foot of the cross, whereas the created God and the God of Goodness, instead of remaining close to Jesus and support him in his sufferings, are deeply ashamed of the atrocity that man inflicts to the Son of Man Jesus and back off with great pain as the witness such atrocity and blindness.

At the very moment Jesus breaks the bread, the two disciples recognize Jesus; every time that individuals cannot recognize Jesus in the Unity of Love, the Savior must break himself over and over again, because the man is broken and divided within himself. Out of piety and mercy he can recognize only the “Me” of Jesus.

The Spirit of the True Disciples manifests himself in several occasions during the three years of the public life of Jesus.

John the Baptist, after being put in jail by Herod, sends two disciples to Jesus to ask him: “Are you the one who is to come or should we wait for someone else?” The spirit of the past, represented by the spirit of the Law, walks together with the spirit of the future, represented by the spirit of the prophesy and, in searching and walking in Unity of Spirit, they encounter the Spirit of the Present Jesus: “The I am, the Truth, operating in the Eternal Present.”

Jesus before entering Jerusalem to face “His Hour” sends two disciples to untie a donkey from a pole. The Savior enters Jerusalem sitting on a donkey that has never been ridden by anyone before. These two disciples who represent the spirit of the mind and the Spirit of the Heart, united together they go to untie the forces of the body and the forces of the Soul that are tied from eternity to eternity to the pole of character.

Only then can Jesus transform a heavy disposition into a being of Light, docile and meek, ready to face the spiritual challenges that the Spirit presents.

Jesus, before the feast of Passover, sends two disciples to look for the hall where to eat the Last Supper with his Disciples.

The temple of Jerusalem had been built to welcome the Christ; Jesus, in fact, at age twelve, presents himself to the temple to manifest, through the Word, the Work of Salvation of the Regenerating Father.

Jesus wanted to celebrate the Last Supper exactly in the Temple, but the Temple of the tradition does not welcome the Word Jesus and instead sentences the Savior to death.

Jesus then sends two disciples to look for the hall where to eat the Passover, hall that represents the new Temple of Light, which dwells in every heart.

The two disciples represents the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Man who, by walking and searching together, encounter the Spirit of the True Man God, in the new Spiritual Hall already prepared in the inner heart of the person by the Generating Father.

Jesus, at the dawn of the third day, comes back from death with a new Light Body and during the following days meets some Apostles and the two Disciples at the lake of Tiberiades, where he operates the Miraculous capture of 153 big fish.

The two disciples are present, together with some Apostles, at the fishing of 153 created spiritual energies, emerged from the sea of death and attracted in the Resurrection of Jesus. These two disciples represent the individual Spirit and the Spirit of the Group who, by fishing jointly, at the right of the boat of existence, in unity of Spirit, encounter the Spirit of Communion and Love of the Togetherness.

The two Disciples are present and acting in the Work of Universal salvation of Jesus; they work and operate in silence and anonymity, beginning with John the Baptist until the Resurrection from Death of Jesus.

The two Disciples start out from the prophetic energy of John the Baptist and walk, together with Jesus, in his three years of public life. They recognize Jesus after his resurrection from the dead, on their way to Emmaus, so that they are ready later on in the miraculous capture of the fish so that they too are fished in their turn in the Light of the Resurrection of the Word Jesus.

Today, at the beginning of the third millennium, the Spirit of the Spiritual Search of the two disciples of Emmaus has come back in the Light of the second coming of Jesus, in Spirit and Truth.

The Spirit of Time and the Spirit of Space are walking and dialoguing together with the Spirit of the Eternal Present Jesus with the final purpose of exiting forever from time and space.

The separating spirit is at work day and night to divide the two Disciples, so that they might not seek the Truth and enter instead in the spiritual lethargy in which most children of Creation dwell.

The darkness is organizing, all together, to stop and minimize the Great Light which is moving on.

The two of Emmaus, after two thousand years, came back and intend to find the Way Out, so as to escape once and for all from all illusions and the falsity of darkness.

The Angel of Light who guides the two disciples of Emmaus invites us to mediate and talk about Jesus incessantly, in the present moment: “Talk about Jesus and search the Truth.” The Spirit of Truth which resides in the intimacy of many beings is retreating and remains silent because the creatures do not nourish the Truth, they do not quench the first, neither do they search for the Truth.

Jesus is a foreigner in the intimacy of the heart of the individual and consequently poverty and dejection are advancing more and more in creation.

The Spirit of Light – which is Jesus – is kept nailed in the inner sanctuary of many people and accordingly the strength of the Living Faith cannot manifest himself and as a consequence the confidence and hope in the present disappears to a large degree.

Today Jesus has come back in Spirit and Truth.

Let us set free the savior within ourselves because he is the true Salvation, the True Work, and the True Richness: Exclusive and True Bread of Life.

Let Creation enter in the Unity of the Spirit;

The language becomes one in the Truth.

Let the Hearts blend in the Unity of Love.

We come from, and are all, children of the same and Only God and Father of Infinite Love.

Jesus says: “I and the Father are One” – “Father, make them all one,” this is the Way the Truth and the Life.

Jesus, help us to get out of the kingdom of laws, of traditions, of falsehood, of injustices, of betrayals, of illusions, of complaints, of sicknesses, of abandonments, and of deaths. Thanks Light of the Child Spirit. Help us to enter into, and walk in, the spirit of the Spiritual Search of the two disciples of Emmaus, so that we might be able to feel Jesus in our Hearts, in his second coming in Spirit and Truth

Thanks Immaculate Spirit of Mary. You, who are the true Mother of Spiritual Health, help us to face the spiritual challenges that come our way incessantly.

Nothing can separate us from the Beloved Heart of Jesus.

Thanks Spirit of Love of the Generating father. Help us enter into the Dimension of Togetherness. The more a being makes itself small, the more he enters in the Infinite Light of Love and into the Communion of the Togetherness Father.

Thanks Father, Son and Holy Spirit.