Holy Christmas

Holy Christmas

Holy Christmas

We give Infinite Thanks Father of Life, Love that always generates Love. We ask You – in the name of the continuous Sacrifice of Jesus – the Grace that is necessary to recover and bring out from error all our inner children that we ourselves have conducted to error and sin. They are now just named ‘our children’, but in fact they are instruments of evil as they have become slaves of sin itself, as sin has deprived them from their good will.

We ask that all of them today can be Reborn in You.
We give them our life…and with You Jesus we accept death like You accepted it, to give us Your example and to teach us to die to give Immortal Life to our thought children, sentiments, atoms and all our parts, made up of different forces.

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to act on our behalf in all the things we are still not aware of, but which It has the ability to see, know and understand, according to the Good Will of the Father and Jesus.
Let’s ask the Spirit of the Beginning, that today It will be that Beginning which will take us to the end of sin and to the Rebirth of the Truth and Freedom of the Eternal Love of the Father.

How many thought children have we continued to create, transmitting them teachings, ways of being, ways of thinking and behaving without having the certainty of being on the right Way, instead of addressing them to Jesus? In doing so we continue to deceive our children, promising them something that doesn’t exist. We can be convinced that we have a correct behaviour, but in reality we are maneuvered by an inner spirit that is the opposite of the Truth.
The TRUTH IS TRUTH IN ALL DIRECTIONS and in all the Hearts that seek the Truth. Therefore it is necessary to LOOK FOR THE WAY OF JESUS and direct our children on the Way of the Truth, that Way that takes the creature to the Heart of the Father; all the rest are experiences and empty words.

Jesus reminds us of His Words: Father help them, FORGIVE them! We have given them all the necessary in order to come to us, but fear, the incertainties, the endarkened advice has slowed down their ascent. So instead of receiving a smile, a help, a hope of liberation, they find sadness and discomfort.


Infact, Jesus reminds us: IF YOU FREE ME, I WILL FREE YOU! But if you do not allow me to grow in you and you lock me in like a small child or like the Traditional-Jesus still dead on the cross, then I can not act, I can not have the Power of Jesus the Saviour!
Each one of us should start meditating and ask oneself: what condition is my inner Jesus in? Is it a child? Is it an adult? Is He educating my forces, my children, the universe of which they are composed of? Am I looking for my Baby Jesus so that He can be my liberator, or do I belong to the opposition and seek Him, in order to kill Him?

Jesus renews His invitation and asks: FATHER LET THEM BE ONE LIKE WE ARE ONE.
However, there is another part – within us and outside us- which says: now I don’t have time to follow Jesus, I have to get to know, discover and play with the ways of perdition…and this leads to separation. Every creature is free to do so, but in doing so it leads its own children to perdition too, forcing them to follow a wrong path; and the creature will end up paying the bitter consequences.

Jesus urges us to listen to our Hearts. We have to learn to LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF JESUS THAT COME FROM THE HEART, remembering that where there are Virtues and Graces there are also always disappointments, but Jesus came to SAVE EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING.
Jesus has manifested himself to donate us COMPLETENESS, as the Father gave it to Him and He gives it to us and He tells us: no one will be hungry or thirsty. I have a Water, whoever drinks it will no longer be thirsty, because It is the Water of the Father, whoever drinks It, will have everything at hand like it is at hand for all.

Father, in Communion with Jesus, we ask the Blessing for our BROTHER in order to receive from Jesus what he gave to us, and with the infinite brothers we can all be in one chalice.
Jesus urges us: do you want to be free from error? Take back all that belongs to separation to the Beginning.

Those who are slaves of their own riches and power…take back the gold to the Beginning.
Those who are slaves to many symbols, fragrants, illusions…take back the incense to the Beginning.
Those who are tied to food and drawn to such needs like glue…take back the myrrh to the Beginning.
Jesus said:  NOT ONLY OF BREAD DOES MAN LIVE …not only of gold, incense and myrrh.

Thank you Jesus