An Angelic Thought Reveals Himself from the Light of Silence

An Angelic Thought Reveals Himself from the Light of Silence

An Angelic Thought Reveals Himself from the Light of Silence

Dear and Beloved Children

I am an Angel of Light coming from the Kingdoms of the Holy Silence and I embrace all of you in the Love of the Saving Father Jesus.

I have been sent to bring to you the Water of Silence, the Water that the Immaculate Mary offers to all those who seek the Voice of Silence: the Word Jesus.

Jesus came into our creation in Silence and exited from the same creation in Silence, to teach us that only in the interior Silence we can find the Voice of Truth that guides us in every instant.

Mary, the full of Grace has always lived in the Spirit of Silence and always followed Jesus from afar, because she lives and dwells in the Heart of Jesus.

Dear children, the guides of this world suggest and propose constantly voices and sounds always more pressing and they thrive – day and night – to keep the hearts and the minds of all human beings constantly engaged with images and sounds that distract and detach the human beings from the contact with the interior silent feeling.

The powers that rule this world have been noticing for some time that the Spirit of Silence is advancing with a calm and constant step, the Spirit of Silence that will talk to the heart of all human beings and will show to the entire creation the Way of Liberation from the slavery of falsehood and darkness.

This is the reason why at the end of time everything will move in the direction of “non silence” because the time of Silence is about to arrive and all beings will be able to listen, in their inner heart, the Voice of Silence which is the voice of one’s own Father Spirit. The Voice of Silence retreated at the moment when the Word ceased to be God and became one voice among many voices.

If, only for one instant, all the creatures of the Universe were to enter, all united together, in the Silence of God, all the darkness would disappear in a instant, as the fog disappears when the sun rises.

Beloved children, the Light of Silence has sent me to you to talk to you of what is about to come at the end of time in our Spiritual Encounters.

Jesus says: “Where two or more are united in My Name, I am among them.”

You seek the Truth and Jesus Truth is present and talks through your hearts, born again to New Life. For some time your faith has become stronger and stronger in certainty and Jesus keeps manifesting himself to you more openly.

In fact, when you arrive for your Spiritual Encounters you feel burdened by your daily problems and anxieties but when you get back to your houses you feel light and reborn in Jesus Truth.

The minute of silence which is required three times during the Spiritual Encounters is very important because it places Body, Soul and Spirit in harmony with the Spirit of Silence. Strive to enter into the Holy Silence, and you will begin to perceive the Breath of Jesus.

The Breath of Jesus makes himself noticed: it is a calm breath and it calms every anxiety. Jesus inhales all the strengths that are present at the Reunion, keeps them inside him, purifies them and exhales them purified, giving them back to you regenerated. The breath of Jesus is sensed on the face and on the eyes; and the members of the body, distracted by the cares of daily life, are regenerated through Grace.

We should never lose our calm and harmony, otherwise our breath, both the spiritual and the physical breath, becomes anxious and lacking in equilibrium, and consequently we become prey of thoughts lacking in harmony.

Thanks Jesus for this great Gift: the presence of Your Precious Breath among us.

If we strive to enter even more deeply in the interior Silence we sense the beat of the Heart of Jesus. We can then notice the beat of the Heart of Jesus who has been knocking at our heart since the Beginning of Creation when our heart was all one with the Heart of the Father.

There is no music or symphony that can be compared with the soft sound of the heart beat of Jesus. It is a Perfect Harmony which spreads to the entire Being. His beat is calm, steady and constant. Jesus pours in His Very Precious Heart your created blood; he transforms it and gives it back to your heart, regenerated. Jesus transforms your created poisoned blood into blood Purified and Regenerated by His Love.

The Savior says: “Do not let your heart be troubled,” because in the heart dwells the Voice of Silence and when we do not feel it any longer, because of inner troubles or useless discussions, we separate ourselves from True Life and enter into the realm of death. For this reason, to remain in contact with Jesus, our breathing and the beating of our heart must always remain in Harmony.

Jesus says: “Learn from me because I am meek and humble of Heart.”

Thus we are invited to be meek and humble of heart, because these are the traits of the Heart of Jesus.

Thanks Jesus for this wonderful Gift: the presence of the beat of your Very Precious Heart among us.

If you look with attention and with spiritual eyes, you can see the White Hands of Jesus. With his luminous left hand, the Savior collects and brings to his Very Precious Heart all your forces, he keeps them in His Heart, he transforms them and makes them alive with His Love, and gives them back to the individuals present with his luminous right hand.

Jesus, at the end of every Spiritual Encounter, places His Right Hand over the head of every person present at the encounter to calm the mind which is always the last reality to settle down and he donates to the minds a drop of Silence that permeates every thought.

The presence of Jesus in Spirit among us, with the beat of his Heart, with the breath of his respiration and with his White Hands becomes visible to the pure hearts who listen with the hearing specific of children and to those who rejoice with the hearts of babies.

Thanks Jesus for this extraordinary Gift: the Presence of Your Immaculate Hands among us.

But what leaves us totally breathless is to sense and see, during the Spiritual Reunions, the Eyes of Jesus. They are big Eyes, full of Light, and they look at us with infinite sweetness and Love. It is not easy to look at the eyes of Jesus, because from the very start our eyes begin to shed tears and our heart is filled with emotion.

In the Eyes of Jesus we can see the past, the present and the future. We can see also our personal history. In the Eyes of Jesus we can see the great suffering of the Mineral Kingdom, the Vegetative Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom: kingdoms at war against each other.

In the eyes of Jesus we can see the magnificence of the Beginning when in the Beginning was the Word, the Word was near God and the Word was God. We can also see the suffering of the present, in which the Word is no longer God and does not live near God. We can also see the Glory taking place at the end of this world of illusions, in which the Word lives near God and the Word is God.

The great Mercy of Jesus allows us to look into the eyes of Jesus, notwithstanding our poverty, our shame and our fear.

The Eyes of Jesus, from which spring out rivers of very Pure Light and very Chaste Love, make us understand that there is only one error, which is the father of all other errors: the denial and killing of Love.

Deprived of True Love, the created beings cannot go on and are confined to be miserable entities without food and spiritual garments.

The Heart of Creation cries: “Let us stop the killing of Love, let us seek the True Love, let us render Love alive again, let us nourish ourselves of True love, let us live in True Love that makes us alive and makes us free in Jesus the Truth.

In the present Creation the souls are nourished and fed with the poison of fear which is the result of the separation from True Love. Then, as it occurs in the hunting of animals in which animals are brought into the forests to be hunted by the hunters, in similar way the souls are scattered in the world and become prey of spiritual hunters who can, at every moment, capture and kill them with the poisoned swords of falsehoods and illusions.

Jesus says: “Do not fear those who can kill the body. Rather, fear those who can kill the Soul.” These individuals can tie your hands and feet to spiritual posts that are difficult to uproot and transform.

Jesus in your Eyes we contemplate ourselves. Give us the strength to resist in front of this vision, and to accept our condition. Allow us not to lose heart and to be always ready to embrace the path of transformation, in You. Do make possible that our eyes reflect progressively step by step the Light of your eyes, so that our tears be transformed into the smile and innocence of babies. At the end of every Spiritual Encounter, in this Promised Land, our eyes are transformed and reflect the Eternal Spiritual Youth.

Thanks Jesus for this infinite Gift.

Dear children, recently among you, as you get together at the feet of Jesus, another Spiritual Event takes place. If you attentively observe with a spiritual eye, you can see that at some moments the hall is empty, yet we can hear the voice of Jesus talking to our heart.

You must be aware that whoever makes himself small enters into what is big; and the person who makes himself big, will not enter in any way because he cannot go though the entrance. Whoever wants to enter the Great Spiritual Microcosm which is Jesus the Father, must make himself small and annihilate himself.

We must multiply the number 7 of the seven days of Creation by the number ten which represent Christ. In the number 70 the creation has been attracted by the Generated and has entered into the Heart of Christ.

In this multiplication, every one of us is giving up everything and everybody for the Love of Christ Jesus. Our heart has made itself very small to the point of annihilating itself in order to sprout out in the Big which is Jesus the Father.

This is the reason why at some moments our small heart disappears and leaves room for the Big Jesus, who only makes His Voice heard, but does not allow himself to be seen totally, otherwise we would no longer seek him in our hearts.

Now our little heart, Friend in Christ, has been uttering for some time an invocation directed to the infinite Creation: “If you are looking for me, let these people go.”

It is necessary to die and resurrect in Christ.

The little heart offers himself with the Example of Jesus, as the Lamb of Sacrifice, so that we, his beloved sons, might grow and be fortified in the faith in Christ and might be spared for the moment.

Little friends who get together at the Feet of Jesus, the Savior says: “Do not be afraid. I am with you and will not leave you orphans.” Nobody can stop Jesus because now he operates in Spirit and his Operation will never come to an end.

The powers that rule this world regard you as a sect. Be aware that Jesus himself two thousand years ago was regarded as the head of a sect which was considered a revolutionary sect because that sect made all human beings free and self sufficient in the Love of the Togetherness.

Jesus says: “Oh my little children, to Me your are more precious than silk” which is the yarn most precious that exists in nature. The silk is the product of the silk worm that, for a certain period, encloses himself in a cocoon in order to become a butterfly later.

You too retreat in this small Ark which is like a cocoon, far away from the noise of the world, and work day and night to transform yourself in Angels of Light; and your Live Faith is more precious than silk.

Manifest to the world clear and luminous words like the silk; manifest precious and worm sentiments like the silk; show actions that are of great value like the silk.

Thanks Jesus for this precious gift. Thanks for your presence among us.

Beloved children, in your Spiritual Encounters are present not only Souls with their physical body, but a multitude of Souls without a physical body are present as well, predisposed to listen.

You must be aware that even in the spiritual worlds there are guides who announce: “We have Jesus,” but they tie him hand and foot to prevent him from talking and operating. There are guides who keep Jesus on the cross and build great spiritual temples on top of this cross.

It is clear therefore that there is not a great difference between a life in the physical body and a life without such physical body. It so happens only that the souls of the deceased, thanks to the spiritual work they have performed, are pushed to seek the Truth because they see with more clarity the condition in which their Soul are.

At the end of time, however, the temples built in the spiritual kingdoms that vindicate to have Jesus but do not convey the Light and the work of the Savior become increasingly empty.

The time of Jesus tradition and Jesus religion has come to an end, at the dawn of the third millennium. Now this is the time of Jesus Truth. Resurrected and Free.

The second coming of Jesus is awakening, even in the spiritual worlds, the Souls that are now seeking the Resurrected Christ in full Freedom to seek, to think and to talk about the Truth.

At this moment Jesus is manifesting the Miracle of Miracles: the Spiritual Awakening of all beings seeking the Truth.

Jesus, after two thousand years, waits to be taken down from the cross in order to be able to Operate in the Spirit of Rebirth and Resurrection.

From your small Ark a Radiant Light ascends to Heaven, and this Light expands itself to the infinite Creation so that the Souls are attracted by this White and Totally Pure Light of Love. In fact, during your Spiritual Encounters, every time a Drop of the Generated Blood of Jesus manifests itself, the Souls get together in the spirit, to quench their deep and profound thirst for Light.

These souls emanate different colors, according to the place where they come from. During the Reunion they enter into a “bath” of totally Pure Light, according to the faith operating in them.

All the spiritual guides who realize that their temples are getting emptier and emptier create obstacles of every kind for these souls who are in search of Truth and Liberty.

Even in the spiritual worlds occurs what happens in the incarnate worlds. But at this point nobody can stop this radiant Light that is showing itself on Earth and in the Infinite Creation.

If one observes with the Spiritual Eyes the vast fields surrounding our Ark, one can visualize a vast number of spiritual encampments in spirit, where the Souls have erected their spiritual tent to be close to the Source of Light and Love that springs from this Blessed Land.

Many souls have also built spiritual houses on the foundation of solid faith, and they live and take nourishment from every word, very thought, every prayer, every song, and every moment of silence that emanates from your small and unsinkable Ark.

Thank you Jesus for this wonderful Gift: the presence of a multitude of Souls who cooperate with Your Work of Salvation.

Oh my beloved little children: be instruments of Light, to donate the Bread descended from heaven to the entire Creation incarnate or disincarnate.

“Love one another as I have loved you,” says Jesus.

And how did Jesus love us? The Savior loved us with the love of the Father which is a Pure, Free and Universal Love.

Jesus says: “No longer will I call you servants, but I will call you friends.”

We have been trained to serve the builders and the masters of this world who forever treated us as servants. But now Jesus does not want us to be servant, but friends and cooperators of his.

“There is no greater love than the love of the one who gives his life for his friends.” Jesus has shown us this and now he invites us to donate our life to the True Friend who is Jesus within us and in our neighbours.

“Love your enemies,” Jesus says and enter and live in Pardon. The masters of darkness use fear to keep all the souls enslaved to them. But fear is only an illusion that can be overcome with the light that the Soul, in contact with the Father Spirit, irradiates all around. Be instruments of Light.

The three obstacles of pain, of tiredness and of stress may never detach you from the contact of Love with Jesus, our True Friend who walks always with us and never leaves us alone.

“Be one as the Father and I are One,” Jesus says.

In Unity is your true Identity, otherwise we disappear into Nothingness.

Dear Friends, let us always remember that Jesus loves us and watches us, constantly, with Infinite Love.

I say good bye to you, beloved children, and leave with you the Water of Silence, the Water that the Immaculate Mary brings and gives to all who are searching the Word Jesus.

Oh Mary, pour this Water over our minds and hearts and purify our thoughts and our feelings, so that we may feel the Voice of Silence, the Voice of Jesus the Truth that makes us free.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your Living and Operating Presence among us.

Oh Jesus, let us bring and live your Presence in the entire Creation so that the whole infinite Creation might reflect the Light of Your Eyes.

Thank you for listening.

A Thought of Angelic Light that comes from the Holy Silence.